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Download Blogger for Word- A Blogger add-in for Microsoft Word, allowing you to directly publish your documents to Blogger.

Blogger Data API- Integrate Blogger with your applications using the Google Data API (application programming interface).

Blogger Draft- Use a beta version of Blogger, prior to it’s release, full of new features and such.

Blogger Status- Stay up-to-date with the latest Blogger updates and so-on with the official Blogger blog.

Blogger for Educators- Learn how Blogger can assist teachers and students.

Google Macintosh Dashboard Widgets- A quick way to post to your blog via the OS X dashboard.

AvantBlog- Post to your Blogger blog from your Palm or Windows CE device.

Blogger, Publish, Ping, and Categorize- A Greasemonkey script for posting, pinging, and categorization to and from your Blogger blog.

HaloScan- Integrate trackbacks into Blogger.

w.bloggar- Windows application for integration with your blog, which includes several features web-based editors don’t offer. Manage various Blogger accounts efficiently.

Back up your Blogger Blog- A comprehensive tutorial regarding the backup of your Blogger data.


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