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Saga 2012 is an app that gets a kick out it by letting you generate your own 2012 hero video depicting you or your friend as the lone hero to save the world.

Saga 2012 starts with the premise that as the world ends, there should be a chosen one to save all the rest. You can upload your own image to the app, zoom or arrange the picture to tweak it, and then load the video. Then what you get is your own self-indulgent piece about a mysterious figure (you!) that will save the world.

You can get the link to share to Facebook or Twitter, send it through e-mail, or embed to your website. There is also the option to download a high quality version of the video for a small fee.

Check out my own Saga 2012 video here. (Video might take a long time to load for those with slow connection)


Anonymous said... @ May 8, 2011 at 3:41 PM

very cool

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