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Blogger Templates- A top-notch collection of Blogger themes and tutorials.

Blogger Templates- A collection of beautiful Blogger templates, many of which ported over from Wordpress. At this point, the site’s still in testing stages, but keep an eye on it in the near future.

Blogspot Templates- A comprehensive collection of Blogger templates.

Blogger Templates (Classic)- Many Blogger templates, most of which in a more “classic” style.

Free Blogger Templates, High Quality Blogger Templates- Plenty of free, standards compliant Blogger templates.

Free Templates- More free of charge Blogger templates.

Shellen Blogger Templates- A well-polished, semantically valid html theme for Blogger.

PsycHo- A nicely implemented free Blogger template generator.

Pannasmontana Templates- Some well-designed Blogger templates.

The Style Contest- Some great, well designed templates, many of which for use with Blogger.

Blogger Templates- Carl’s Journey- More nicely done Blogger templates.

Free directory of blog templates and layouts for Blogger- A comprehensive directory of Blogger templates, the title says it all.

Free Blogger Templates and Designs- Extremely well-designed, colorful, non-generic Blogger themes.

Daceblog- Blogger Templates- More, particularly well-designed templates for Blogger.

Tips for Blog Templates and Blog Designs in Photoshop- Tips for designing your own Blogger template, using photoshop.

Blogger Templates Isnaini.com- A vast collection of Blogger templates, tools and tutorials.

Blog & web Templates - Some well-designed Blogger templates.


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