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HairTry! Aderans' new virtual toupee shop allows balding men to try on a variety of trendy hair styles and, curiously, eyeglasses from the comfort of their computer chairs lets you upload a picture of your head to try on various hairstyles without having to leave your couch.

It takes a 2D photo you've uploaded and processes it for 3D, adding facial gestures and eyeballs that follow your mouse around as you navigate the site. The 3D effect is far more believable than a still image, and even gives you a little back and forth sway that shows off the sides. If you've used Gizmoz this is very similar. However outside of those two, and virtual make-up site Taaz (coverage), this is one of the only services I've seen apply the technology to a business.
In addition to hair, the site offers a small selection of eyeglasses, which has been done elsewhere, but is a nice touch considering they've already got your face ready to work with.

The site is entirely in Japanese and runs in Adobe Flash, so you can't use Google Translate on it.


Anonymous said... @ June 3, 2009 at 7:53 AM

Very fun web site! For FREE! Great for ladies of all ages to test drive a new look.

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