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Found this cool website the other day and it looks very very interesting ,The idea is to have an animated character of yourself to represent you in the virtual world, your Gizmoz can leave Video Voice mail, you can use the Gizmoz as your very own answering machine on your website, you can use your Gizmo to create your avatar and use it on website’s, Blogs , Profiles etc.Also you can generate your own video clips with your animated Gizmo.The Animated Gizmos can speak in your own voice or Text.
Gizmoz Features

I think i summed up almost all the features above but i will try to write the features that are left, First time you signup with Gizmoz you are given 500 Points these points can be used for buying extra or premium items for your animated character.First time you create your animated Gizmoz you must have a Picture of yourself if you like looking straight to the camera like the one you have on your Identity card once you upload it ,Gizmoz will try detecting your face in the picture and cut out your face from the picture to animate it using different costumes,You can change Body Style , Costumes(there are loads and loads of costumes available that you will never get tired of) there are also different Hair Styles, add make up or Modify the Face and Add Accessories.Gizmoz animated stickers are also available which you can stick into friends Blogs or Profiles


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