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Photoshop might be the photo manipulation leader, but with a high price tag and slow load times, what could be better than a free and fast alternative? FlauntR’s PhotoStylr offers thousands of free one-click effects, including fancy frames and funky filters.
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Now, the vowel-phobic site has added even more features, including:

photomobilR: One click mobile wallpaper creation for over 250 mobile models! Get your photos edited, styled and resized to fit your mobile perfectly!

phototextR - use hundreds of free fancy fonts and shapes to spruce up your photos , create ecards, or just to create something wacky to share with friends

photoprintR: Print your flauntR creations from dozens of merchandise options including mugs, apparel, bags, and different poster print sizes

photoprofilR: One click photo profile creation for more than 30 social networks! Get your photos automatically resized for that perfect profile image!

Flauntr provides 3 different ways you can embed their service on your site:

LightBox : Get a nice little graphic you can put on your blog post, panel or header. When one of your readers clicks on it , flauntR appears in a popup.

Iframe: If you want to allow your readers to enjoy flauntR without even a pop up, meaning flauntR sits right in your site.

Linkback: f you want to set up an image or set of images for editing or viewing through flauntR this is the right widget for you.

Slideshow - create embeddable slideshows from your Flickr, picassa and Facebook photos, using over 20 high quality transition effects.

More flauntR stuff will be coming out on bebo as soon as tomorrow. Just watch this space for the release!

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