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Healthline Bodymaps is an interactive 3D human body maps online.The application is useful not only for med. students, teachers, but everyone who wants to learn more about the human body.

Browse through Bodymaps by clicking through the specific parts of the body. You can view each body through different layers or drag the slider to view it from a 360 degree angle. Mouse-over on the map then click to view a pop-up information box about a specific component of the body. You can also choose between a male and female body map so you can find variations.

If you are particularly interested about a certain symptom you may be having, go to the symptom search engine on the right sidebar. The symptom search engine, paired with the body map, will help you better understand what you are feeling now and what the next steps are to treat your symptoms.

This app is also useful as a learning tool for kids to visualize the human body.


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i of great article provoking piece of writing sketch the human body in pretty way!

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