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Ever wish you could write a message longer than 140 characters on Twitter or Linkedin? Well, that's exactly what Twextra enables, plus much more.

Twextra allows you to create large (upto 100,000 characters), rich-text messages with images which can be shared on social media sites like Twitter and Linkedin. This helps you overcome the 140 character restrictions that some social media sites impose. You can think of Twextra messages as disposable messages that can be created for one time sharing, unlike a blog entry.

Moreover, the site will empower you to create texts that are richer than your average tweet in the sense that you can format them and use different colors, as well as letters in bold and in italic.

Finally, using Twextra you will be capable of having your tweets translated on the spot, effectively enabling people in foreign countries to gain access to your updates without having to go to a separate site to have them translated.


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