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New application for Cisco Live the Beautiful Game powered by Oddcast. It's a hilarious video created especially for the World Cup, and you can star in it! Are you destined for greatness? Let Cisco help you get there, at least on your Facebook wall. Check out another application Bwin Enter The Game

 Check out my Live the Beautiful Game video

The process is simple click on “Upload photo”. You can either upload the photo from computer or your facebook album.Before uploading make sure to crop the image so that only your face is revealed.

After uploading your pic, you will have to adjust the image (face) so as to resemble the sample photo shown on left side. Just use the rotate and move buttons to align the vertical cross and horizontal cross with your face, similar to the sample photo.

After pressing submit, image will be processed(takes some time) and your own Live the Beautiful Game be generated


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