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So, I was browsing on The FWA Website and I came across the website of the month. It’s the Nokia's latest Music Almighty site… there’s a few very awesome things that you can do in this site.

* The first thing you’ll notice is the real physics with the cables that you can plug into the phones.
* The next thing, the nice preloader following the cable going up.
* Then, the meat and bones of the site.

Basically, you can essetially upload your own photo, and it replaces the default 3D face with a photo map of your face. The whole system seems to be powered by Oddcast. Their technology “enables consumers to personalize online communications and self-expression and businesses to increase conversion and sales.” In short, they have this kick ass 3D engine, combined with face-recognition software and voice-to-speech as well as text-to-speech to which you can make 3D faces that talk, look around, and many other things.

Anyway, everything combined makes for a pretty impressive site, where theres several styles of characters, to which you can customize their apperance, map your own photo and even record a voice message to send to your friends. The site also has several ways to pass the site around. Everyting from embed codes, to creation of jpgs and video. In all, just a site that’s worth checking out.


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