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EffectGenerator is a new platform for creating free Flash content. It employs drag and drop editing and a WYSIWYG graphical interface. This generator stands out from the rest by virtue of its wide range of template effects including, transitions, layouts, animations and public media.

There’s also a template library which you can use for stock effects for posting on blogs and websites. The site itself is composed of several different tools and feature elements: on the left is the component library; components can be dragged from the preview pane and resized if necessary. On the bottom right there’s a configuration panel for changing colors, fonts. Etc. You can images via URL or simply by uploading from your computer.

There’s a library featuring transitions and animation; you’ll also find shapes and blurring and rotation effects. Once you’ve finished designing your content, hit Publish; you’ll be given URLs for editing and embedding.

Here's an example where I created my own effectGenerator


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