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Web 2.0. version of the mixtape, called appropriately enough, MixWit. MixWit is part iTunes and part Slide.

1) Image control: Your image is masked by the mixtape body, or can fill the whole tape. You can also scale the image and click & drag the image to make it look it’s best.

2) Text editing: You have options for editing and moving the text labels around, including click-and drag positioning. You can also double click on the text to enter your title and alias.

You can create your own mix of music and share it on Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, Bebo, et al. Your creations are also posted on MixWit for the whole world to hear. Start by searching for music using the MP3 search engine Seeqpod, then add a style (cassette tape skin), and share it. It’s that easy


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