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A.viary Phoenix - A.viary is aiming to launch a mind boggling number of online apps, but the first launch is Phoenix, their image editing software. Fairly robust, and shows an awful lot of promise. Unfortunately, currently it is in invite-only alpha mode.

Pikipimp, an online image-manipulation tool that lets you "pimp" your photos.Start by uploading a photo. Next you choose an object category (ranging from beards to wigs), then drag and drop individual objects onto your photo. Pikipimp supplies surprisingly robust tools, allowing you to resize, rotate, order and even adjust the transparency of each object. When you're done you can download the pimped photo or embed it in your site using provided code.Pikipimp requires no registration, though signing up (free) entitles you to store and edit your images, vote on other pimped pix and more. It's a great way to have some fun with your photos

Graphita - Graphita is more of a fun photo-editor than one for professional or semi-professional use. Think of the doodles you used to make in your yearbook and you’ll get the idea. There are doodle tools, caption tools, and more. You can use the images that Graphita provides, or upload your own.

FlauntR.com - Offers lots of effects separated in to different sections to make it jump to just want you want to do, such as photo editing in editR, or adding text in textR. Works in all browsers and moves fairly quickly.

It's all about adding nice picture frames, borders and creative effects to your photographs so they look more appealing and professional.Close rival Picnik also provides support for borders and rounded edges but the wide range of borders and image effects available inside Pikifix makes it a more impressive option.Filmstrips, Television, Photo Montages, Glow. Wall, Torn edges.. they're all available in Pikifix.

Picnik - is an editor full of features, including more than a few professional effects you can apply to your images, such as vignettes, cinematic scope, focal soften (and even doodles). The most notable tools include a very capable red-eye fix, and precision sharpening controls with Unsharp Mask. You can also open photos from Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and more. The service also just launched their premium version, so they’re showcasing it free all week long. Try it out! :)

Lunapic.com - A bit simple in the interface, and it reloads every time you want to use a tool, but it gets the job done.
FotoFlexer.com - More attuned to the “social networking crowd”, it allows you direct editing access to your photos on sites such as MySpace and Facebook, this is perfect for the casual user.

Scrapblog - An online service that lets you upload your photos from many of the popular photo sharing websites and mash them up with hundreds of stickers, shapes, text and YouTube videos to create a digital scrapbook

Fauxto - Advanced online photo editor with an interface similar to Photoshop’s

XmgImg- Image hosting service that provides an interface for users to manage, edit, and share their images online.

OnlinePhotoTool - Edit pictures taken from your hard drive as well as images that are already on the Internet.

MyImager - Upload images from your computer and from anywhere on the web and edit them freely with the dozens of tools and filters available.

SnipShot - Edit photos from your hard-drive, your Webshots account, or your Flickr account in one place, and then save them back to any of those locations.

Pixenate - Online photo editor with many special effects. You can also integrate Pixenate on your website and allow visitors to edit images.

Phixr - Edit your pictures and directly upload them to Flickr, Fotopic, Livejournal, Photobucket, Fotolog.com, Buzznet and Dropshots.

Pixer.us - Edit your photos online within your browser, add special effects and save them in the most popular formats.

Picture2Life - Edit pictures available on the Internet or taken from your hard disk. You can also import images from popular photo sharing sites.

Cellsea - Upload pictures from your PC or from an URL. It provides over 15 ways to correct color, exposure, and lighting problems.

Preloadr - Photo editor with good image manipulation functions that is connected with your Flickr account.

Pixelmator - Pixelmator is a photo editing service for Mac users. The design is superb and intuitive. There are selection tools, paintbrushes of various size and shape, retouching tools, layering and much more. You can enhance photos, analyze colors, add text, create stylized scenes with halftones and image blurring.


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I've heard of some of those editors, but not all of them. I'll have to try the rest out. Thanks!

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Good Post. I like Graphita

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