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ZingFu is a totally awesome website that lets you turn your photos into funny Zings that you can share with your family and friends (or enemies).

Use our online form to email your Zing or post a smaller version to MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Hi5, Xanga or anywhere else that 40-year old men pretend to be 14-year old girls.

  • Upload a photo and Zing! 100s of scenes to choose from. All are FREE and served with fried rice and a warm can of Diet Shasta cola. Easily post them to MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, hi5, etc.
  • Your pet is totally unique, and alive. (sorta) Its health depends on how you and your friends care for it. Stick it on your profile. Anytime someone plays with it, you get Zangs (points) to spend on goodies to pimp it out.
  • Create a ZingFu: Card for that special somebody, email it or and post it anywhere on the Interweb. Dozens of funny Cardz to choose from. Guaranteed to offend.


Image Generator said... @ February 20, 2008 at 7:52 AM

Another 2,500 photo templates @ http://www.FotoTrix.com , just upload a photograph and add overlays online! Make digital scrapbooks, fake magazine covers, photo postcards and many other novelty images from your photos. Zingfu has only 100 photo frames...

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