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Web 2.0 - A black and white template with a slight touch of blue color on the blog logo and the RSS feed.

Here is some Important notes you need to read carefully, (by Jack Book)

Change your timestamp format into this:

Tuesday, July 17, 2008

- Go to your dashboard

- Go to Setting, Formatting

- There you should see Timestamp format, You have to change, so it looks like this

- Save Setting.

There are actually 2 sidebars on the right part. it’s top sidebar, and bottom sidebar. the different is, that the top sidebar, all the widget content would be expandable, and the bottom is not.So if you want to add more expandable content, you know where to put it down.To have expandable content, you need to write your widget within this format

This is the content of my widget on the right sidebar.
include inside are: Search Form, Recent Post, and Recent Comments.
You can use this as an example. this is the content of widget name= HTML4
I have put the HTML4 Widget under bottom-mid section, so you can edit it there. once you have done editing it, you can drop it down to the top sidebar. and once it’s dropped there, you can the widget through your published blog.

  • On the bottom, you will see that there are 3 split bottoms, it’s a left bottom, mid bottom, and right bottom. you can put your widget too there.

  • Your blog title will be automatically hidden, and replaced by the image on top. of course you can change it.
    - just go to your html editor on your blogger dashboard
    - find this code:

background:url(http://dftheme.googlepages.com/df_logo.gif) no-repeat 0 0;

- change the url of the image, with your own image
- save template
- refresh your blog. and done.
Download XML
For more support on this Blogger theme visit Jack Books theme page.


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