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Fresh Blogger Template - A fresh looking (it really is) green and blue theme. Great usability.

Garland - Drupal’s default look copied to Blogger. Soothing to the eyes, isn’t it?

Cultivado - Neat, floral, elegant - this one’s perfect for writing on life, philosophy, thoughts, poetry, love and the like.

Clean Elegant - Here’s one for all you Photoshop lovers, though we could do without the Adsense ad box, which spoils the whole meaning of the template.
Illacrimo - A beautiful clone for Blogger from the Wordpress theme Illacrimo, though I feel there should be a way to use more space currently taken by the date-display on the left of the screen.

Green Marinee - A long time favorite of many bloggers ported to Blogger. Great use of space, and a nice color combination

Informativo - A similar template to the Columnas template above but with the header, for the less-unconventional bloggers who wants to stick with the proven.

Dark Ritual - A nice theme which somehow reminds us of Adams Family.

Puerto - Somehow this template makes the post body look grand and majestic.

Pink Flower - A simple and elegant template with an image of, you guessed it, a pink flower.

Minyx 2.0 - A great template without pictures; good use of available space.

Magazine-Style - A nice template if you have a lot of information and widgets to display up front. It has got a three columns in the main area as well as in the footer area.

Neosapian - The contrast between black and red is striking. The second right-hand sidebar can be widen further and the red header can be used subtly for ads or to display more information. You decide whether to change the current header image or not

Slined Mod 2.0 - Somehow, this one seems to fit a music/gaming theme best.


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